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About Us



Manuscript Services International is a Canadian-based communications company that provides proofreading and editing services in a number of subject areas and specializes in the editing of academic and scientific documents.

All editors at Manuscript Services International are native English-speaking PhD's, MSc's or clinicians with experience in reviewing research papers, book chapters, abstracts, student theses and other scientific documents.  Our editors are also  published authors who understand the challenges involved with experimental design, analysis of results and scientific writing.

Manuscript Services International also provides experienced editing of other documents including business plans, technical reports, corporate reports, brochures, letters of intent, personal resumes, as well as, audio-visual presentations, just to name a few.

If this is the first time you are considering using Manuscript Services International, go to Our Services, or Contact Us by telephone or email, and we will be pleased to discuss our editing services with you.



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